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Backscratcher: Sitting in bed makes you itchy and limited mobility can make it tough to reach. Let this bear claw get it for you! It has a non-slip PVC handle and extends 8.5” to 23” for good scratchin'.

Lip Balm: When the bedside tray slides in, the round or cylindrical lip balms often roll onto the dirty, dirty hospital floor. This cubed shape stays put and stays clean.

Insulated Cooler: Imagine having hospital food every day and then someone brings in this perfect sized cooler filled with treats. Whether it is good food from home, your favorite takeout, or just a way to keep drinks cold, it’s just right. 7.5” diameter X 13,” Front pocket, 600d polyester, heat sealed PEVA lining, pocket, & handle with buckle closure for the convenience you didn’t know you needed.

​​​In this kit:

Body Wipes: Showers can be infrequent so a quick wipe down is often perfect. Grab an alcohol-free, fragrance-free wipe (with aloe vera and vitamin E) and freshen up!

Notebook and Pen: They stay together because we're always looking for one or the other! Doctors can be in and out quickly, and you can easily forget your question. Write it down the moment it comes to you! It's eco-friendly and made from recycled materials.

​​​​​​Bluetooth Speaker: Whether it's a day in the hospital or weeks, the mood means everything. Simply listening to calming music might make the days a little brighter. "Small but Fierce" were the requirements and we found just the right one! It doesn't take up much space on the bedside table and has a clear, crisp sound! Rebecca would often get to listen to "Eye of the Tiger" before PT thanks to yours truly. 

Get a better "get better" gift!

“Is a standard gift basket the best option?” Should we buy the same gift for somebody admitted to the hospital as we would for someone who earned a promotion?  

You no longer have to ask “What can I do to help?” and your sick loved ones no longer need to come up with an answer. Whether it is  for someone at home or in the hospital, the Premium Hospital Comfort Kit is the gift they didn't know they needed! 219 consecutive days in the hospital taught us a lot about what we needed. We didn’t just grab a bunch of items that seemed nice; each selection has a specific purpose and that drove the identification and selection process.

A portion of the proceeds go toward helping patients and families!

Get a better "get better" gift!

Hospital Survival Guide: Become an instant expert with lessons from the CF Cornerman story, identify the best items to bring from home, and find out what your care team can do to help. It is a 5.5X8” multi-page, color booklet. It has many helpful hints from hundreds of days of experience. 

Premium Hospital Comfort Kit 

by CF Cornerman

​​Water bottle: The attractive design and light weight make refreshments convenient. It's light weight, BPA free, and tapered for easy gripping

​​Dark Chocolate Bar: Because chocolate. Individually wrapped pieces make it easier to share...if you want to.