Read my interview with Awesomegang here!

Great  in depth discussions with Aaron Spearing from E6S Industries! Cornerman's Perspectiveand Speaking Upwards parts 12,  and 3!

"Lessons from a CF Cornerman" is proudly featured in  "The Salty Life Magazine"!

UCONN talking about a pretty cool alumni couple...

I was honored to be the first person featured in the Tomorrow's Leaders Podcastfor the CFF! This is a a well produced piece that I'm really excited to share. 


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How do caregiver organizations like Shea Companions review CF Cornerman?

2013 CBS "Making Milwaukee Great" interview for  after  being named "Milwaukee's Finest" for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Rebecca is the one talking with her hands...

Our talented friend Vilma did a great cover of "Fight Song" in honor of Rebecca and also put together some parts of the CT fundraiser and some commentary.

Cincinnati's Local 12 covers the Hospital Comfort Kit and Lessons from a CF Cornerman

Great conversation with Doug Sandler from the Nice Guys on Business podcast!

Great conversation with Ginny from the Charlie Tonic Hour about a cool CFF event and our own journey.


The Intentional Caregiver has some FANTASTIC featured articles (one in particular)!

Project CF Spouse (as you might guess) has stories of CF spouses...including this one!

Piper Beatty Welsh from US Adult CF Association (USACFA) review: CF Roundtable 2016 Spring Newsletter (page 26)!

Lessons from a CF Cornerman...WOW "...honest and emotional. It was refreshing to read..."


Woman's World Magazine picked up our story and published a full page feature!

A  2 minutes summary in pictures and video.

Our local paper did an article on our story & the book.


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UPMC was the hospital that listed Rebecca for transplant when no one else would - great  article!

A little bit of me talking into the camera about lessons and motivations....

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