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Check out my interview with Scott Sloan at WLW here in Cincinnati! Look for the May 4th show...my part starts at minute 18 and ends at minute 28!

Why write the book? I'll tell you while I sit in a chair.

I've written a several blogposts  for the CF Foundation addressing perspective, guilt and empathy as a CF caregiver.

How do caregiver organizations review CF Cornerman?

In 2013 after being named "Milwaukee's Finest" by the Wisconsin chapter of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, we were featured on a CBS segment "Making Milwaukee Great." Rebecca is the one talking with her hands.

Our talented friend Vilma did a great cover of "Fight Song" in honor of Rebecca.

Cincinnati's Local 12 discusses the book and our journey.

This is something that Vilma put together that included my speech at the August fundraiser in CT.

Great conversation with Ginny from the Charlie Tonic Hour about a cool CFF event and our own journey.

The Intentional Caregiver has some FANTASTIC featured articles (one in particular)!

Read the US Adult CF Association (USACFA) review in the CF Roundtable 2016 Spring Newsletter (page 26)!

Lesson 13: Every day may not be a good day, but recognize that it is good to have that day.

Check out my blogposts at raylpoole.wordpress.com

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Our local newpaper did an article on the book.

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Read my interview with Awesomegang here!

Check out this podcastinterview I did with E6S (~1 hr)

"Lessons from a CF Cornerman" is proudly featured in  "The Salty Life Magazine"!

UCONN talking about a pretty cool alumni couple...

Should I stay or should I go? Paul can go...