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Is that Adam Rippon proudly holding his copy?

Yes...yes it is.

I'm not going to PROMISE that buying this book will help you earn an Olympic medal and a victory on Dancing with the Stars but let's just say that Adam got the book...and then that other stuff happened.

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2018 (IAN) Book of the Year! 

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This book brings together an amazing story of survival for a CF patient from the perspective of a husband and caregiver. The story is suspenseful (even though the end is given away on the cover of the book!), while also practical, educational and inspiring. The author provides an inside view into the life of a caregiver, including everything from medical emergencies to Facebook posts to managing visitors, weaving in a love story and practical tips for anyone who may be in a position to give care to a family member, friend or loved one. The author also demonstrates the importance of humor, even in the most dire and stressful circumstances.
Ray and Becca's story is an inspiration for any type of reader.

Raymond L. Poole is a talent of a very special caliber. Utilizing compassion and (gulp) humor, he takes you into the everyday life of a caregiver dealing with seemingly insurmountable odds, turning material often dark and always clinical into a page-turner of the highest order. His love for his remarkable, tenacious, inspiring wife emanates from every page— tears are jerked, and laughs show up in the most unlikely places. Read this book and root for Raymond and Rebecca, heroes who teach valuable life lessons that can be applied to any struggle, any life situation, no matter what size. Confessions of a CF Cornerman is one of those rare reading/learning experiences that provides perspective enough to transform you into a better person. Don’t miss out on this masterpiece!
Brendan Bliss

Without doubt, a most beautiful story about two wonderful people who have demonstrated true love, commitment and courage in the face of unthinkable adversity. I cried, laughed and was impressed to feel Becca's spirit that came through Ray's words. Loving tender truthfulness. A must read!
Lois Brass

What a GREAT BOOK! Having CF it was an experience reading about a different perspective and how it affects a spouse.. it has opened my eyes on how I should treat my wife and family when I get sick and take their feelings into consideration through talking with them. Thank you Ray for writing this book! God Bless you and Rebecca keep fighting the fight is never over!
Joe Palmer 

Living and loving with everything they have… Ray and Rebecca’s story is inspiring. With humor and heart, Ray Poole brings you through the incredible experience of being his wife’s caregiver as she waits for a double lung transplant. Navigating a medical crisis can be overwhelming for patients and loved ones. Ray’s lessons are helpful, as well as, heartfelt and humorous. Everyone can benefit from these common-sense insights in a variety of scenarios, even beyond the hospital setting. I highly recommend reading this engaging story of love, strength, devotion, and perseverance. Ray and Rebecca’s journey is not to be missed!
Meg Hughes

I loved this book, and I'm glad to have it in my collection. Raymond lets us in on his life from a very personal perspective. The perspective is truthful, intimate, sincere, and authentic. I would recommend this book to anyone, not just someone battling CF or one who is caring for a CF person/patient. The "Lessons" are not just unique to CF, but to every individual that applies them to his or her life. A must read and a must own.
Joe R

What an amazing story! My emotions were pulled in every direction; I laughed out loud, I cried, and yes, I even experienced frustrations! Rebecca's story is incredible, and for her to have found love and devotion in Ray is a true blessing. Ray did a great job recording their journey. I recommend reading their story and become inspired by their love and will to live! (the picture on the cover speaks louder than words, and chokes me up whenever I see it!) I have recommended this book to my book club!

This book was simply amazing; it blew my mind. The author explained an extremely crazy time in his life and, of course, his wife's life with such brutal honesty, detail, and wit that I could not put the book down. The journey these two strong people have taken together so far is incredible and the true definition of love.

I absolutely loved this book! Having gone through a transplant myself, it was interesting to hear about someone else's experience. Ray is an excellent writer and it really came through in this book. His descriptions are very vivid and detailed, which really brings the story to life. You are definitely rooting for his wife the whole way through! I think this book and the advice it provides would be a good read for any type of caregiver.
Michelle H.

I love this book. Its a love story, a survival story and a how to book for many similar challenges people face. The Author, his first book by the way, writes as though you are sitting there listening to him. Very well written. He takes you through the ups, downs and arounds of facing a life changing diagnosis. A great inspirational book and a must read for anyone, but especially for those facing challenges.

This is a wonderful book! I recommend it to everyone!! In the spirit of full disclosure, I am a neighbor of Ray and Rebecca, but even though I knew the ending, I found myself staying up late into the night to find out what happened next. Not only is the book hard to put down, it is also very life affirming. It is heart warming to read a book about two people who have such a love for each other and for life.
Betty Crone

Proud to have transplanted his wife.
Amazing read.
So proud of you Ray.

A tale of incredible love, devotion, courage, and perseverance. Woven throughout are faith, hope, and love, with their story reminding us that the greatest of these is love. Beautifully written, funny, and honest!
Meegan Aschen

This book had me laughing, crying and thinking about life and love. This story is a testiment to the strength of love and commitment between two people. Highly recommend reading this book. So much more than a story, it's an inspiration.
Laura Silva

Funny, engaging, emotional read. Poole makes you feel a part of his world as he deals with with the ups and downs of caring for his wife and all that goes along with their journey. He provides sage advice that can be applied to any relationship. Highly recommend.

More than anything, this book is about eyes wide open love. It’s an unbelievably candid discussion about that promise we all made; in sickness and in health. For most of us, we’ve been able to relegate thoughts of what exactly that means to some distant point in time. After reading the book, like it or not you’ll have mentally crossed that bridge with Ray and Rebecca. Whether you’re dealing with health issues or not, this book is still well worth the read. It’s an emotional rollercoaster through the ups and downs of life, love, and illness. Ray does an excellent job of making those emotions raw and real to the reader, while simultaneously injecting humor with regularity to remind us all that happiness, in large part, is all a matter of perspective. I hope my family is never in their shoes, but if we are, I hope we shine like they have.

Ray managed to do what is difficult in writing a true story. He shared their journey with truth, compassion, heartache, fear and joy - all the while keeping his insightful perspective and incisive humor. Loved the read!
Melanie Romas

Valuable lessons for anyone wanting a fulfilling life. A must-read for anyone in the "corner" supporting a loved-one through complicated health issues. His 38 lessons apply to most aspects in life, but especially for someone who stands to advocate for another - Career choices, family feuds, & healthcare mishaps, all part of the drama that the author translates into valuable lessons. Hear an interview with the author at attached link.

Aaron Spearin

Capturing storytelling of such intense subject matter! This book was so easy to read because you immediately become attached to Ray and Rebecca's story, and want to join Ray as an assistant Cornerman in Rebecca's fight of a lifetime. And although the 38 lessons were derived from a medical journey, I found myself applying them to so many aspects of my life. There is so much honesty, humor, and love in this story that you can't help but feel good reading it.

Elizabeth Meyers

I can't stop reading this book! It is an amazing journey into Ray and Beccas' love and devotion to each other and Beccas' strength and determination. Rays' humor is the highlight in a tough battle. A must read!

​Debra Newman

I received this book 2 days ago. Diving right in, I was quickly swept into an amazing and courageous journey by Rebecca and Ray Poole. Rebecca had never really let Cystic Fibrosis slow her down, but that all changed in January 2015 when she ended up with 2 choices--death, or a double lung transplant. Ray's part in all of this was to show up, support her, be her advocate, and be...well...her cornerman.
I finished the book in a little over 48 hours...I absolutely could not put it down! It is well written, emotional, and forces you to turn every page to see what Rebecca's journey will hold next. From empathizing to tears and snot behind a hospital mask, laughing at Ms. Carla's butt misfortune, and kinda wanting to kick a character or 2 in the teeth, Ray has a way of writing that truly captures the audience and makes one a part of a journey that they would never wish on that Rebecca and Ray traveled upon with grace, wit, humor, and strength.


This is a wonderful story about Rebecca and Ray and written so beautifully by Ray. It is written in a way that everyone can relate to- compassionate, sad, funny, loving, thoughtful. Ray is very open in telling their story which makes it even more helpful to those who may be going through a similar situation. Rebecca is an amazingly strong person. The lessons in this book can be applied to life in so many ways in addition to a circumstance of illness or chronic disease. I recommend the book for everyone (gives life some perspective) but especially for family caregivers, professional health care providers, friends and family of caregivers. Thank you to Rebecca and Ray for sharing their story and to Ray for writing this book.
Francis Laroue

I've read a chapter of this book each day during my commute. So far this book has given me an understanding of what people go through when they are dealing with a chronic illness and how a loved one deals with potentially terminal conditions.

Though there are deep and intense moments, Ray keeps it light enough to offer you a laugh throughout the story. The author also shares the lessons he learned along the way; each of the lessons made me reflect on my life and how I've dealt with certain situations.

If you're looking for a love story, a motivational and inspirational story that leads you through a couple winning the biggest fight in their lives, or have a friend fighting a chronic illness and want to understand how best to support them, this is the book for you.
Domingos DaFonte

The strength that is shown by both Ray and Rebecca in this book is incredible. I loved reading this and took so much from it. Having CF myself, it was difficult to read at times but I am so glad that I did. I feel more prepared and hopeful about what the future will hold so thank you Ray for putting this journey into words. The lessons are inspirational and so very helpful to anyone going through a chronic disease, illness or difficult time.
Wendy Gajadharsingh

This book spells LOVE.
Carol Forde

What an amazing story. Ray does an phenomenal job taking the reader through all the different emotions of unconditional love while teaching us a few lessons along the way. I laughed, cried, and could not put the book down. Thank you Ray for teaching us what it means to be someone's corner man and doing more than just "showing up". And thank you Rebecca for being the fighter that you are. It was a real treat to be invited into your lives through this book. Keep fighting!
Katie B

Loved this story and found Rebecca and Ray truly inspirational. I often found myself on the verge of tears only to end up smiling and hopeful. It's a great read for anyone looking for a story about love, struggle, resilience, family, and life! I can't say enough good things about this book and highly recommend, just read it.
Amy Brodeur


Available in Paperback ​​and Kindle

More Reviews:

“Ray gives us “shotgun” on this exhilarating ride through his wife’s fearless battle against CF. His love for Rebecca is robust, his humor is refreshing, and his determination is incomparable. Pay attention to his lessons in the back too!”

Emily Schaller - Founder / CEO of Rock CF

Not just for Cystic Fibrosis, but for any loved one dealing with chronic illness - this is a must-read!!!
Ray captures it all in this book... The ups and downs, the despair, the love, the absurdity. But mostly the resilience of the human spirit, to never give up in the face of overwhelming odds. To show that modern medical miracles are still possible. I can't recommend this book highly enough!! As someone who also has CF, and has dealt with the adult CF community with my own book projects, I can tell you Ray has done the entire Cystic Fibrosis community a monumental favour with grace and dignity in his writing. You definitely won't be disappointed.
Ian Pettigrew - Photographer and Publisher

“The love and strength that comes through on the pages of CF Cornerman, is unmistakable. The resilience of pushing to help those we love despite circumstances through such a difficult journey to breathe and live is so powerful. This book is a must read to help show what true love is capable of when faced with the depths of hell. That becomes strength and pure happiness, from the love of a lifetime...a love we should all strive for.”
Sandi Alvaro – CF Advocate and Blogger of Behind the Smile of a Cystic

"As I read this book I found myself re-living moments, which made understanding Ray and his wife, Rebecca's situation easy for me to follow. Memories came flooding, the more I read. From a CF perspective, it's easy to relate to because it's what we go through when end-stage starts to take over our bodies.
        Ray covers what Cystic Fibrosis is; how we take care of ourselves; our routines; our medications; trials and tribulations - the whole shebang.
        Ray has a background in martial arts. He understands hard work, training, dedication. Which is what CF life is also all about. Rebecca fought to stay alive against a formidable opponent with a good coach (husband) by her side. It is a great perspective reading about cystic fibrosis, a woman affected by it and having the proper support throughout that battle.
        I've lived through many of the events Rebecca experienced and I know just how important having a CF Cornerman is. It helps make your battle a We thing, rather than a ME thing. Going into a fight for your life feels tipped into your favor with a great support system in play."
James Cameron - CF Trainer